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Experienced Tailor Made Travel Consultants

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Memorable Journeys are a Travel Agent based in Cardiff but offer holidays to anyone travelling from the UK.

Our travel agents speciaise in arranging tours to destinations that we have already visited. These include:

  • Over 100 countries in 6 continents
  • All 7 wonders of the world
  • Cruises River and Ocean in Africa, Asia, Australasia, north and south America
  • Safaris in Africa, Asia Australasia
  • Every country in Latin America

This means that you can travel with insight, as we will pass on all the useful information that we have accumulated over the years about your destinations before you travel, to enable you to get the most out of your holiday.

Best Customer Service

Whether we meet you face to face in our Cardiff Travel Agency or chat over the telephone we aim to give you the best service in the industry pre, during and after your holiday.

You will not be able to book your vacation on-line, we will need to have detailed discussions with you before suggesting the holiday that is right for you.

We are powered by Inspire and so can offer you the widest choice of options in the travel business .

Our goal is to offer holidays where you can really experience your destination in a safe and organized manner.

As eco-friendly travel agents, we try to offer locally owned and managed accommodation so that the local economy benefits and you get the best advice when at you’re your destination.

Tailor Made Travel Agent Cardiff

We create tailor-made holidays with a unique itinerary where every part of the trip has been created individually to suit your style, taste and budget. Tailor-made holidays are also known in the UK as ‘bespoke holidays’, which include your flights, stopovers, accommodation, tours or car vehicle hire.

Are Tailor-Made Holidays Expensive?

The tailor-made travel agents at Memorable Journeys are experienced travelers who have unrivalled country knowledge in the Cardiff and south Wales area.

We have lived in various parts of the world and have up-to-the-minute knowledge of the different types of accommodation, the latest tours and the kind of trip that would suit you. We have travelled on cruises all over the world from 6-star all-inclusive to a rice and beer experience up the Yangtse river. We have been on Safari in Africa, India, Australia and Brazil. We have visited the 7 wonders of the world.

All this knowledge will create a travel plan that is designed for you, and you will not waste time on going to places that you do not want to, with people that you may not like

Designing Your Tailor-Made Holiday

We are sure that you will some ideas of where you want to go, how long you want to travel for, when you’d like to go and how much you want to spend.

We will listen to your ideas and find out what you most enjoy to start putting some ideas in front of you.

Then we will spend a few days planning your trip, and we will email you the first draft of your itinerary.  This will include your flights and accommodation, tours, and the total price.

Then we will have a call or another meeting to change the parts that you do not like before coming up with the final quote.

Who do you fly with?

With your tailor-made holiday we will suggest possible airlines but at the end of the day  you have full control over the airline you choose, the time you depart, your stopovers along the way and the cabin class you fly in. This will allow you to fly with your preferred airline if you are a member of a particular alliance or you just have a preferred airline.

Memorable Journeys can book with any scheduled airline.

We have access to fair that can be paid for at a later date, flight-only fares and heavily discounted special offers.

Where do you want to stay?

We have access to tens of thousands of different types of accommodation throughout the world, but if you’ve read about a little place of the beaten track that you really want to visit then just let us know and we will try to get a quote or suggest a similar place.

We will suggest different types of specialist accommodation, not just the standard offering that you will see in the travel brochures. If you are a member of a hotel rewards group then let us know so that when you check in you will get the points and upgrades.

What about land transport arrangements?

You can select car or campervan hire, or a private car and driver, with tailor-made travel you have the choice, unlike organised tours.

For a road-trip, we will make sure that you hire a car with the right level of comfort and space, and discuss the insurance optionsavailable.

At busy times of year, it is advisable to pre-book your vehicle before arrival to guarantee the best price and availability.

Tours and activities

There are likely to be the highlight of your holiday. We will use our travel experience to recommend the most suitable tours and activities.

These could be cruise excursions, wine-tasting, sailing or cultural adventures.

Difference between tailor-made and charter holidays

Sometimes organised tours are exactly what you want. Your ideal itinerary may already be available, allowing you to join a group of like-minded people staying at accommodation that you ae comfortable with.

But if you want something designed around yourinterests, style and budget, or planning your first long haul trip, then you may need advice from a tailor-made travel agency in Cardiff.

Luxury Travel Agency Cardiff

We are seasoned travelers and decided to create a business based on the meticulous way that we organize our own holidays around the world.  

We wanted to create a luxury travel agency in Cardiff that did not exist. A travel agency that could give first hand travel advice for almost anywhere in the world.

We are aiming at the select crowd of travelers who do not want to visit the same place as everyone else, year after year.

Our clients want tailor made holidays that are unique to their interests. You may want to give yourself a treat or a challenge, or learn something new. Our advice will be with insight and inspiration with our independent, innovative approach.

We are a team of people who know about travel, and we are passionate about detail and service, and we want you to spend your holiday time off well, because we understand how every moment counts, without rushing you from place to place

If you’re not sure where to travel but you do feel that you need a rest from your busy life, we can sit down over a drink and open a map and together create the holiday that you are looking for.

How Memorable Journeys Can Help You Plan Your Trip

Planning a holiday or a business trip can be a very time-consuming process.

Travel Agents like Memorable Journeys give you back this time by doing all the research for you and then giving you a choice of the best options available for you to decide the best solution.

  • We provide a complete travel service by booking flights transfers, cruises, rental cars, hotels, and events.
  • We will work within your budget, to offer holidays and business travel within your financial limitations, whilst still meeting your travel expectations.
  • We will research information such as weather conditions, travel advisories (such as safety) and required documents for your destination.
  • We understand the peak times in each of the markets that we service, and can suggest the ideal time to visit a destination to get the most out of your budget and avoiding the peak season when destinations can get very crowded.
  • We are always on the look out for new destinations, whether it is a new cruise ship or route, new hotel or a new flight route that will make your travel from Cardiff that little bit easier.

Also, you must not forget the protection of your expensive trip. We are fully bonded, and if any problems occur your journey will be fully protected.

Cardiff International Airport

Unlike most airports, Cardiff International is a joy to visit. It has:

  • Ample short-stay parking very close to the airport terminal
  • An excellent long-stay parking collection and drop-off service
  • A pleasant and clearly marketed check in area
  • Very modern security operation
  • A departure lounge that reminds you of a quality hotel rather than an airport
  • Very short distances between check in, security and departures

The staff in all parts of the airport (even Security) are very friendly and helpful and there is no sense of felling ‘lost’ like you do in most other international airports

Short Haul Scheduled Airlines at Cardiff International Airport

The lack of direct routes is the main criticism of Cardiff International Airport. Unlike most of the regional airports in the UK, Cardiff International is not home to a large low-cost airline such as EasyJet, Ryan Air or Wizz (although there are a few Ryan Air flights from the airport). This makes short-haul flying from south Wales very inconvenient as no-one wants to change flights when travelling on a holiday to business trips to Europe.

The main short-haul operator is Flybe. Flybe at Cardiff Airport flys to mostly British and Irish destinations plus a very useful route to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

Long Haul Scheduled Airlines at Cardiff International Airport

However, long-haul flying from Cardiff International Airport is very convenient using Flybe, KLM and Qatar.

You can avoid the hassle and expense of travelling to London Gatwick or London Heathrow by boarding at Cardiff and a smooth transit at the excellent Schipol Airport in Amstrdam, Holland  and Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar you can reach many of the main destinations in the world using KLM and Qatar Airways.

Another option is to fly to Paris using Flybe where you will have access to the extensive Air France network. Although Air France and Flybe are different airlines, it is possible to book your complete flight on the Air France/KLM website. As Air France and KLM are part of the same company, it is even possible to fly out with Air France and back with KLM or vice versa.

Make the most out of Qatar Airways flights from Cardiff International Airport

Qatar Airways is one of the youngest global airlines to serve all six continents, and the world’s fastest-growing airline.

Qatar Airways connect more than 160 destinations in the world every day, with a fleet of modern aircraft, and an unrivalled level of service from Hamad International Airport in Doha, in Qatar.

Travel today involves a mix of short, medium and long-haul segments, and the breadth of Qatar Airlines network coverage virtually make no destination is unreachable.

Qatar Airways is one of an elite group of airlines worldwide to have earned a 5-star rating by Skytrax. Voted Airline of the Year by Skytrax in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

Cardiff Airport is fortunate to have Qatar Airlines as it major-long haul airline, making it much easier than it was before to fly to Asia, Australia and Eastern/Southern Africa.

The team at Memorable Journeys know Asia, Australia and Eastern/Southern Africa very well so contact us to travel with insight.

Use KLM to travel the world from Cardiff International Airport

The daily KLM flights from Cardiff to Schiphol airport connects you to 165 international destinations in 68 countries (as of January 2020).

There are three flights a day on Monday to Friday, and two flights a day on the weekend from Cardiff to Amsterdam airport, which provides a lot of flexibility for your connecting flights. The flights are operated by comfortable Embraer E190s and Embraer E175s.

This means that you can easily get from Cardiff to Latin America, Africa and Asia. As well as Aruba, Curacao and Saint Martin in the Caribbean, without having to travel to Heathrow or Gatwick Airports.

Types of Holiday

Safari Travel Agent Cardiff

We have had significant experience in safari holidays all over the world. As a simple guide:

  • A Kenya Safari is your ideal starter safari, as Kenya is relatively easy to get around, with many different park options and an abundance of wildlife
  • Tanzania has the best wildlife safaris in the world. Many people stick to the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater but there are exciting options in the south of the country as well
  • Botswana is our favourite country in the world! Although the wildlife is not as prolific as Kenya and Tanzania, the natural beauty of the Okavango Delta is amazing
  • A South Africa safari in the Kruger park is an easy way to see the big 5. We recommend combining the safari with a tour of Cape Town and the Garden Route
  • A tiger safari in India is an amazing experience. The tigers are best spotted from riding an elephant as the tigers are distracted by the sound of a jeep’s engine
  • A different type of Safari can be found in Australia where you can pretend to be Crocodile Dundee in the Northern Territory  

Honeymoon Travel Agent Cardiff

Organising a wedding can be full on, so we’re here to make planning your honeymoon as easy as possible. you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing your honeymoon is being arranged for you by experts.

Spa, Wellness & Yoga Travel Agent Cardiff

Whether you are looking to de-stress, seek spiritual tranquility, or indulge yourself with luxury spa treatments – Spa, Wellness & Yoga holidays are a great way to relax and get away from the rigours of life.

  • Take a yoga Holiday to improve your physical and emotional well-being
  • Take a spa holiday to relax in tranquil settings ranging from thermal to pampering spas
  • Take a detox holiday to cleanse your system and rejuvenated your mind
  • Take a de-stress holiday to unwind, to recuperate and regain focus in your life

Group Holiday Travel Agent Cardiff

If you are a group looking to plan a holiday, we offer expert advice on every aspect of the trip, from the best group rates for flights, to transfers, accommodation and other arrangements.

Whatever type of group holiday that you are planning we can help make your trip affordable, relaxing, exciting, adventurous, rewarding and educational.

Example group travel plans:

  • Company incentives and conferences
  • School and university trips
  • Stag and hen parties
  • Special interest clubs

Wedding Travel Agents Cardiff

Memorable Journeys will help you plan the perfect destination wedding with our extensive knowledge of the world.

With so many options, planning a destination wedding is too much for most people with all the other things to arrange around the wedding.

Sports Holiday Travel Agent Cardiff

A sports holiday can range from participation to spectating in a range of sports

  • Travel with a group of friends to play golf or to watch the Ryder Cup in Europe or the USA or one of the major championships in the USA
  • Football trips to support Wales or plan your own tour to play some friendly matches abroad
  • Travel to the watch the Australian or US Open Grand Slams or arrange for your tennis club or group of friends to play in the sun
  • Support Wales or the British and Irish Lions or organize your own rugby club tour to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand
  • Follow the England and Wales cricket team to Australia, the Caribbean or South Africa to watch a test series or one-day internationals

All-Inclusive Travel Agent Cardiff

What does all inclusive holiday package mean?

The major benefit of going all-inclusive is that you know your budget for the holiday and there should be no hidden extras

There are both all-inclusive hotels and cruises but what is included varies dramatically. Typically, they will all include meals, snacks, activities, entertainment, and drinks but the quality and level of service can be very different.

Examples of a high-quality all-inclusive cruise line is Seabourn Cruises.  While a high-quality all-inclusive hotel chain is Zoetry.

At the places you will find high quality food, top-shelf drinks and an excellent level of service.

But this is not a typical all-inclusive holiday as often the drinks are to limited to local beer, cheep wine and sugary cocktails, and the food is only available at the buffet with length queues and the al la carte restaurants are only accessible if you pay an additional price.

Make sure that you have looked into what is actually included and the quality of the products and services before you book.

Things to consider for your all-inclusive holiday

You have to calculate whether the all-inclusive holiday is good value for money. Would you be better off booking bed and breakfast and going outside the hotel resort for your meals and drinks?

Will there be enough range of restaurants to keep you interested during your holiday? Most people don’t want to eat the same food every day.



Specialist Holiday Travel Agent Cardiff

If you are looking to do something a little different, for example:

  • A food or wine tasting tour to location such as Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Chile, New Zealand or South Africa
  • A sailing tour to the Mediterranean or Caribbean
  • A rail journey in Asia, Africa or Canada
  • Walking and activity holiday anywhere in the world

Family Celebration Holiday Travel Agent in Cardiff

Apart from destination weddings and honeymoons, we can arrange group family holidays for you to celebrate

  • Retirement holiday
  • Christmas holiday
  • Landmark birthday
  • Wedding anniversary
  • Family get togethers

Your Cardiff and South Wales Latin America Experts

We do not know how many other travel agents in Cardiff and South Wales have recently visited all the countries in Latin America – but if you know of them we would like to meet them!

Some of our favourite experiences in Latin America are:

So, if you are planning a trip to Latin America, we feel that it may be worth investing some time with the Cardiff travel agency who know the region inside out

Which Cruise Line is Right for your Cruise?

If you are new to cruising, it is very difficult to know where to start.

Here we break the cruise lines downs into groups so that you can, at least, narrow your choice down when looking for a cruise holiday from Cardiff.

6-star all-inclusive cruises

These are truly luxury cruise lines with large suites, butlers, freestyle dining, all drinks and inclusive of tips.

The items that vary on these cruise lines are WIFI and Shore Excursions. It is important to find out what is included before you travel as these services can have a major impact on your budget.

5—Star Cruise Lines

These cruise lines are certainly luxurious but, generally, have smaller cabins and not everything is included

  • Holland America ­ – sleek midsized ships offer a traditional cruising experience
  • Celebrity – modern luxury with personalised service
  • Princess– classic glamour, with fully modern with gourmet cuisine & high-end amenities.
  • Royal Caribbean – technology advanced crusing with with entertainment and themed restaurants
  • Norwegian – informal and flexible without fixed meal times and dress codes
  • Disney – ideal for a family cruise with lots of entertainment options
  • Windstar Cruises– small ships with a boutique, yacht-style experience
  • P&O Cruises – British style cruising with attention to detail and passenger comfort.
  • Azamara – spend longer times in each port for passengers to get know it better

4-Star Cruise Lines

These cruises offer a good standard ship but the cabins are more basic and the basic price does not include extras unless you pay for them

  • Costa Cruises – known for its fun style and good prices
  • Pullman Tour – Spanish speaking cruise line offering great value for money
  • Carnival – family cruising with a laid-back atmosphere suitable for all ages
  • MSC – with Cirque du Soleil performances, a Swarovski crystal staircase, and LEGO and Samsung themes
  • Olsen Cruise Lines

Specialty Cruise Lines

This category of cruise lines offers distinct possibilities including mature travelers, sailing boats and unique destinations

  • Cruise & Maritime Voyage – offer mid-sized-cruises that appeal to more mature travelers on primarily adults-only ships
  • G Adventures – off the beaten path cruises with exciting excursions from a leading adventure touring company
  • Saga Cruises – designed to meet the needs of passengers aged 50 and up who are often travelling alone
  • Club Med 2 – a 5* mastered sailing ship. with 8 decks and all cabins have sea view
  • Sea Cloud Cruises – Sea Cloud and Sea Cloud II are both windjammers are true luxury sailing boats
  • Quark Expeditions – offer expedition cruises to all corners of the world
  • Paul Gauguin Cruises – small luxury cruises to destinations in Tahiti, French Polynesia, Fiji, and the South Pacific.
  • Hapag Lloyd – luxury destination cruising with itineraries that are different and diverse
  • Hebridean Cruise – is about natural sciences, geography, history, gardening, art and architecture all in surroundings of a small intimate ship.
  • Celestyal Cruises – specialists in all-inclusive cruises through the Greek Isles and Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Star Clippers Cruises – offers worldwide cruising in completely unique experience

River Cruise Lines

River cruise ships are much smaller than their oceangoing counterparts, and they offer a convenient way to see many places without packing and unpacking in a luxury style.

  • Riviera Travel – a fleet of modern, luxurious ships, offers slow-paced cruising
  • Viking Cruises – operate the world’s biggest range of luxury cruise ships
  • Hurtigruten – offer a range of action-packed itineraries in locations where other lines just can’t visit
  • Uniworld River Cruise – floating boutique hotel, exuding luxury thanks to the unique design touches
  • Avalon Waterways – the ships have the widest opening windows available on river cruises to give a great view
  • Shearings River Cruises – offer over 80 different voyages from short breaks to 2-week cruises
  • AmaWaterways Cruises – a cruise line that puts a little love into every aspect of the cruising experience
  • APT River Cruises – all-inclusive experience with a huge variety of dining options and tailored sightseeing packages
  • CroisiEurope – discover some of the friendliest staff around while you explore some of the most beautiful sites around Europe
  • Emerald Waterways – luxury ships with an extensive range of upscale facilities including an innovative pool that transforms into a cinema
  • Scenic Tours – offer all-inclusive river cruises so that you are clear on the overall cost
  • Luftner Cruises – discover some of the most spacious cabins on any river cruise ship

Whatever cruise line you choose, we can get you there the best way possible, add hotels at the start and end of your cruise and organise your excursions

Business Travel Agents Cardiff

Memorable Journeys can completely manage travel arrangements for your company or individual’s work purposes.

Save time and Money

Our expertise and contacts in the travel world, we will find you the very best deals. We have excellent knowledge of airline classes and hotel rooms and have access to discounted airfares and ancillary services.

We will get to know you and your employees well, to make business travel arrangements swift, precise and simple, without repeatedly going over the preferences of the business traveler in Cardiff.

These preferences can include specific seat number, non smoking room or frequent flyer or airline loyalty programs.

Business travel of arrangements that can take up a lot of time and energy, but are vital to make the business trip run smoothly and successfully.

Comprehensive Service

Outside of making flight, ferry, rail, car hire and hotel reservations, business travel agents can arrange requirements such as travel insurance, chauffeurs, car parking, private plane charter or entertainment such as a theatre show or sporting event.

If you want to simplify your travel contact the best business travel agents in Cardiff for a complete personalised service.

Singles Travel Agent Cardiff

Why choose a singles holiday?

On a singes holiday designed by Memorable Journeys you will find yourself with like-minded individuals.

We understand that you may be a little apprehensive if this is your first singles holiday, but we are here to ensure that you have prefect holiday from the start to the end.

So when looking for a singles travel agency in Cardiff make sure that they know all the best options for a single traveller.

Do I have to be single to go on a Solo Holiday

No. The idea of a solo holiday is to travel by themselves in the company of like-minded individuals. Many people choose to travel alone without their partner.

Are there more women than men solo travelers?

Yes. Normally single women travelers outnumber men by 2 to 1

Where We Specialise

Unlike a lot of travel agents in Cardiff, we really are experts in certain areas: These include:

Rolling Out The Map

We are all about detail and service to ensure that you’re your holiday passes by without problems.

We understand that you do not want to be rushed off your feet, travelling breathlessly from one destination to another, without having time to take in your surroundings.

We offer tailor-made holidays that are paced the way you want them to be.

Whether you visit our travel agency in Cardiff or discuss your holiday requirements on-line, the first thing we will do is to roll-out  the (virtual) map so that we can plan the best way for you to experience your perfect holiday.

Contact us for expert travel advice from a travel agent in Cardiff.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

We have visited over 100 countries, across 6 continents, including the 7 wonders of the world. Cruises, Safaris, Wine Tours, Train Journeys. We have done the lot. Can you local high street travel agent say the same ?

Apart from our travel experience, our major advantage is our customer service. You will be dealing with the same travel consultant during your holiday planning, booking, preparation, traveling and de-briefing.

Absolutely. We have access to all airlines, thousands of hotels and a multitude of tours. If you have somewhere that you really want to visit or stay at then please ask and we will organise it.

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