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South America - Which Is Your Ideal Country ?

iguazu falls

Where Would You Like To Go ?

South America is probably the least visited continent by British citizens due to the take taken and cost of getting there, but it is truly worth a visit.

Below we make a brief summary of each country which will link to more detailed pages on the country and its destinations.


Along with Chile, Argentina is the most European of the south American countries. For us the highlights are:

  • Buenos Aries – Probable the best city in south America
  • Iguazu Falls – The most spectacular waterfall on the planet
  • Patagonia – A huge place – Puerto Madryn and Ushuaia are our favourite places
  • Mendoza – Fantastic wine, lovely city, great views of the Andes


The hidden gem of south America – land locked with borders with nearly everyone!

  • Salar de Uyuni – you will never forget your experience here
  • La Paz – one of the most incredible cities in the world
  • Lake Titicaca – nowhere like it in the world
  • Sucre – one of the most beautiful colonial towns in the world


Home of Carnival and Football – What else des Brazil have to offer:

  • The unforgettable sights and sounds of Rio de Janeiro
  • The amazing Amazon River – where you cannot even see the other side
  • Cosmopolitan – a lot safer than Rio
  • San Salvador and the north-eastern coastline


One of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our highlights are:


Our favourite country in south America – now as safe as houses to visit.

  • Bogota – So much culture and class in this amazing city
  • Cartagena. Mixture of Colonial history and magnificent beaches
  • Medellin – Long gone are the bad days of Pablo Escobar. Incredible location



If you are into natural history – this is the country for you.

  • Who can ever forget the David Attenborough TV programs on the Galapagos ?
  • Quito has a superb Colonial districts wit the most amazing selection of churches


One of the ‘must visit’ countries in the world.

  • The food in Lima and views from Miraflores are incredible
  • Machu Picchu – say no more
  • Cusco – one of the great colonial cities
  • Lake Titicaca – take the train from Cusco – unforgettable



The beach destination for the Argentinians and Brazilians!

  • Punta Del Este – if you are looking for a few days R and R then come here
  • Montevideo – the quaint and old-fashioned capital will give you some great memories

Speak To Someone Who has Visited These Destinations

While we cannot claim to have visited every place in every country. We have first hand experience in many destinations so can give you real help and advice.
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