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Thinking Of Having A Destination Wedding Abroad?

Wedding Travel Agent Cardiff

Why Book Your Perfect Wedding Abroad With Us?

Memorable Journeys will help you plan the perfect destination wedding with our extensive knowledge of the world.

With so many options, planning a destination wedding is too much for most people with all the other things to arrange around the wedding.

We will take the time to get to know you, over a glass of wine or cup of tea, and find out what your dream destination wedding or honeymoon is.

We work with specialist overseas weddings planners throughout the world, to provide a seamless experience so that you can concentrate on the big day.

There is no extra charge for our service, and our costs as usually less than booking by yourself online, with the added benefit that you will receive excellent personalized service that you will not find online.

Difference Between a Honeymoon and a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be less expensive than a traditional wedding as well as being a great holiday for your familiy and friends. Your guests will have more time together and have an opportunity to create long-lasting friendships.

While a Honeymoon is just for the two of you.

Where To Have Your Dream Wedding Abroad?

There is no shortage of ideal destinations to have your dream wedding but choosing the location at the destination is another thing altogether?

A destination wedding can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. Memorable Journeys will work with you to find out where you want to go and offer the best options available.

In addition to your own ideas, we can make helpful suggestions and recommendations such as the right and wrong times of the year to visit a destination.

A popular winter wedding destination is the Caribbean, a cruise, south Africa or the far East

Getting Married on a Cruise states that the average cost of getting married in the UK is £32,273.

How does this compare to the cost of getting married on a cruise:

  • The ceremony, music, flowers and champagne: £1,500
  • Suite for two weeks: £8.000
  • Business Class Flights: £5,000

This is a £17,000 saving. More than worth considering with a Cruise Travel Agent in Cardiff

Getting married onboard a cruise ship certainly reduces the stress. The event organizer onboard the ship takes over, booking hair and make-up appointments in the spa, decorating the venue and ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time.

Weddings at sea are conducted by the captain (or his deputy) under the laws of the country the ship is registered in (Bermuda, Malta and the Bahamas among them).

Ways to get married on a cruise

There are three ways to get married on a cruise:

  • By the captain while the ship is at sea (12 miles from land in international waters,);
  • On the vessel while the ship is docked
  • In a location ashore. Cruise lines will organise the weddings but couples are responsible for sorting out the licences and finding out whether the ceremony will be legally recognised in the UK.


Your honeymoon should be calming and relaxing after all the excitement leading up to the wedding day.

As your Cardiff honeymoon travel agent, we want to create the honeymoon of your dreams to start off your new life together.

We will put your wedding first, and book your travel arrangements around your confirmed wedding date.

Group Incentives and Paperwork Requirements

Booking as a group can provide you and your guests significant price savings. We understand where to go to get the best prices for you and your friends and family.

We will keep records of each guest’s travel arrangements, including: arrivals, departures, and itineraries.

We will be regular contact to make sure that everything is taken care of such as up to date passports, visas and inoculations.

The Little Details

As well as helping you choose the perfect venue and helping you with the paperwork requirements, we will assist in arranging the finishing touches such as flowers, the cake and transportation.

9 Tips For Your Ideal Overseas Wedding

  1. Plan early to get the best options and availability
  2. Do not invite too many people and let them take over the event. It is your big day after all
  3. Let the travel agent answer the guest’s questions and take the stress off the bride and groom
  4. If possible, visit the preferred location before booking the trip
  5. Book the trip as one complete package for all the guest to get the same price and avoid space issues
  6. Create excitement around your trip beforehand using the social media
  7. Define the roles and responsibilities of your guests so it is clear who does what
  8. Give enough notice so that your guests can plan the payments.
  9. Plan events during the wedding holiday so that everyone feels involved

Wedding Travel Agent Cardiff

Now that you have decided to tie the knot, it is time to decide where to have you wedding and honeymoon.

The options are far and wide and the team at Memorable Journeys have travelled the world.

Contact the team at Memorable Journeys Travel Agency in Cardiff to sit down with a map and a drink and to discuss what is the best wedding destination or honeymoon for you.

Some FAQs

There are many reasons for this including:

  • Group Transfers and Tours
  • Schedule Changes for the whole group
  • Eliminate possibility of different hotels due to overbookings
  • Standardised pricing and group discounts

Initially you will be provided a group travel package for various room categories at your chosen resort. Once you are happy with the resort, you will place a deposit to secure the room block, Your guests will then have an assigned deposit due date, where they will need to put down a small deposit themselves. The couple and their guests will then have an assigned amount of time before final payment is due, however it is typically approximately three months prior to travel.

Benefits include the cost-savings compared to traditional weddings, the opportunity to spend a full week with family/friends and a simpler planning process. It’s possible to have your wedding organized as a complete package, which combines the wedding and honeymoon into one trip.

Typically, you want to book your destination wedding approximately a year before the actual trip. It is important to allow your guests to prepare for the trip financially, and the more time you give them, the better chance they will be able to make it to your wedding. Also, you must consider that hotels do not perform an infinite number of weddings per day

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