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Have You Have Ever Thought of Visiting Mendoza?

Mendoza Vinery
Mendoza is a fantastic place to visit, great food, nightlife and if you enjoy wine you must take the chance of a wine tasting holiday in Mendoza.

Mendoza is small enough to walk about and explore all the sights in one day. Most of the good restaurants are situated around the streets not far from Plaza Independencia.

The best hotel in Mendoza is the Hyatt Plaza. Even if you cannot afford to stay there, which is unlikely as you have spent a lot of money in the first place travelling to Mendoza from the UK, it is definitely worth having lunch, dinner or drinks on their wonderful terrace overlooking Plaza Independencia.

Best Time to Visit Mendoza

Probably the best time to visit Mendoza is from March to May when it is the harvest season although this is a truly year around destination. Summer falls between December and February and it will give you a chance to top up your sun tan.

How to get to Mendoza

There are no direct flights from the UK so the best options are to fly into Buenos Aries or Santiago. The Santiago option is very good if you are combining Mendoza with wine tasting in Chile and the short flight from Mendoza to Santiago over the Andes is absolutely breathtaking.

How Long to stay in Mendoza

We would recommend 5 nights, then you can have one day sightseeing in Mendoza and three days wine tours.

Should You Hire a Car in Mendoza

Definitely yes. It will be much cheaper and flexible. The roads are good and safe. One note of caution is to reserve your vehicle ahead of time if you are visiting over Christmas and New Year otherwise you could be very disappointed!

Another option is to hire a bicycle and you can cycle the vineyards nearer Mendoza. This option is better if you like drinking rather than tasting the wine but be careful in the busy Mendoza traffic…

Which wine regions to visit near Mendoza

There are basically three main regions to visit – all are worth travelling to.

They are Maipu, Lujan de Cuyo, and the Uco Valley. We have been to them all all.

  • Maipu is the closest and can be easily reached by bicycle and apart 20 minutes by car. The journey to the vineyards is not the prettiest but when you get there the wineries are beautiful. Famous wines frm region include Bodega La Rural, Tempus Alba, Mevi and Trapiche
  • Luján de Cuyo is very easy to get to from the city center and is a pretty route. Luján de Cuyo you’re closer to the Andes than in Maipu, making the views much more impressive. Vineries well worth visting include CARMELO PATTI, LAGARDE and CLOS DE CHACRAS but there are many more.
  • Set at the foot of the Andes, the vistas are breathtaking and considered the best wine region in Argentina so if you only have one day to spend tasting wine in Argentina then visit here. Some of the best wineries are BODEGA LA AZUL, O. FOURNIER and DOMAINE BOUSQUET.

A few very important tips

Don’t overdo it and try to visit 4 or more vineyards in a day. We think that two is suffce with lunch at one of them.

Please note that during the high season (November to May) it is vital to make reservations for the wine tours as they get very booked up

All the wineries are closed on 1st January so make the Mendoza sightseeing if you are here at this time of you.

Wine Tasting Holiday in Mendoza

Please contact us if you want some real advice from people who have actually visited Mendoza and not just read about it in a tour guide! 


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